Mississippi River Flood May 16, 2011 Vicksburg, MS. Water is higher than Great Flood of 1927
Looking West at the I-20 bridge at Vicksburg, Mississippi during the Great Mississippi River Flood of 2011.

Photos and Reflections of My Southland

I developed Scenic-South.com to showcase some beautiful and interesting things and places in the Southland (and the North as well). I hope to publish many photos of landscapes, rivers, flowers, animals, insects, cemeteries and much more for your enjoyment.
I have a deep interest in history and the settlment of the South, that is reflected in my subject matter. I grew up in Natchez, Mississippi, celebrating its 300th anniversary in 2017. Now I live near the Vicksburg National Military Park, a major Civil War Battlefield site. My great-grandfather and his brother joined the 46th Mississippi Infantry and fought at Vicksburg. They were surrendered with the garrison on 4 July 1863. Three of my great-great grandfathers and another great-grandfather also fought for the South. One G-Grandfather was a P.O.W on Ship Island, Miss, and the other was a P.O.W. at Point Lookout, MD.
I have lived most of my life on the high bluffs over the Mississippi River and have photographed many a gorgeous sunset over it. I have many photos from the great Mississippi River Flood of 2011, like the one above, and have published many here.
I hope you enjoy my photos and my Southland. I will keep updating it and adding photos and pages as time allows.
Should you want to use any of the photos, please contact me at webmaster@scenic-south.com for permission.
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The Mississippi River Vicksburg Military Park
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